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How does hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety work?

Hypnosis helps you manage your anxiety by adjusting unconscious programming to modify your response to stress.  Responses, whether behavioral or emotional are simply “habits”.

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Feelings of stress and anxiety have become commonplace. Anxiety disorders effect 40 million adults in the US. Our brains are on constant high alert for the next danger.  Feelings of worry, sadness, anger, fear, stress and loneliness can cause overwhelming emotions.

Introducing Emotional Freedom Technique

The combination of Emotional Freedom Technique  (“EFT”) and Hypnosis are powerful tools that alleviate stress and anxiety in everyday life, as well as trauma stored in the body, and both healing modalities support your success. Used together they are a powerful combination.

Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic approach, we make sure your mind and body are working together.  We also look at other issues contributing to your overall well-being, like sleep, eating, and activity.  Each session is customized to your issues and I utilize specific tools and techniques that will be appropriate and beneficial to you.

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