Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. Through hypnosis, your behavior can be modified to benefit you by replacing the old beliefs or behaviors that you no longer need or want with the new ones you desire.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Because it Works! By harnessing the power of your own subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy is often quick and effective in resolving personal issues and improving focus and performance, whether at work or play. With hypnotherapy, you can effectively replace limiting behaviors with attitudes and actions that promote growth and success. Hypnotherapy helps you focus, direct and maximize your own inner power. It’s an effective, relaxing and drug-free choice for change.

Will Hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnosis has been proven to work to help people change behavior and beliefs which are limiting their life experiences. As long as you want the behavior to change, hypnosis will work for you! Everyone can be hypnotized. Its about wanting to see the change in your life and working together to influence your subconscious to create that change.

What should I expect during my first session?

On you're first visit, we'll spend about 90 minutes together. We'll explore what you're wanting to change and create in your life, and what other healing modalities you may have tried in the past. I'll ask you questions to gauge your suggestibility (how you take in information) and then you will experience customized hypnosis.

What results should I expect to see as a result of my hypnotherapy?

A lifelong change in the behavior or beliefs that we have decided to target! Clients often see radical and immediate changes in their behavior. Why? Because the brain and its beliefs are responsible for how we act, and through hypnotherapy we are able to change those beliefs. By influencing your thoughts, we can change your behavior. Forever changing your life!

In Hypnosis, Will I Do Anything I Don’t Want To Do Or Say Anything I Don’t Want to Say?

While under hypnosis you will be completely in control, and will never be compelled to say or do anything that is in conflict with your personal or ethical standards and/or desires. You can come out of trance anytime you choose, but you will not want to because you'll be so relaxed.
As your hypnotherapist, it is my intention to assist you in achieving your therapeutic goals.

How much are hypnotherapy sessions?

The consultation is free, your first session is $200 and following sessions are $150.                                    

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